2019 Organic Hemp Production contracts as low as $1.50

Brought to you by the GenOne12 Agriculutral Group 

Our Partners

The Ethera Group

A co-op of skilled mulit-generational Maine farmers, and artisan extraction specialists. Ryan Tardiff and his team grow and extract, premium grade medical flower and biomass to bring you  high quality CBD and THC products. 

Hidden River Hemp Corporation

Heather and Will Waldron, Certified Organic Hay Farmers and Certified Clean Cannabis growers by the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association. 

The Hemp Trading Network

Redesigning the industry landscape, by bringing you professional agents to assist you in your acquisition needs, leading by example with new levels of professionalism, transparency and honesty.

Certification Matters

All of our Hemp Production Contracts are supervised by USDA certified organic producers on certified USDA certified organic farmland. All operations are also certified organic through canada's Organic Biologique program. You can rest assured knowing that while many "claim" to be organic we have the professional farming history and certifications to prove it. 

World Class Extraction

We have world class proprietary extraction technologies and the facilities to meet all your CBD needs. Combining your production contract with a tolling agreement at one of our labs could be exactly what you're looking for. Our futures buyers enjoy a 60/40 tolling split instead of our normal 50/50 outside facility agreement.

Customers Matter

We value you as a customer and appreciate your business, you can be assured that dealing with our companies, will restore your faith in how a true business should run. Fair and Honest pricing, loyalty discounts, and much more. End the guess work, and begin a true B2B relationship today. 

Proud Sponsor of Hemp for Humanity

A portion of all of our Organic Farm Production Contracts, will go to combat poverty in the United States and abroad through the Hemp for Humanity organization. 

Hemp for Humanity, provides genetics, funding, equipment, as well as harvest assistance and global sales channels to farmers around the globe in an effort to combat poverty and rebuild communities, through the cultivation of medical hemp.

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Acres are going fast and to secure futures pricing all orders must have a deposit or be paid in full by November 2018.

Feel free to fax any documents to (877) 554-4367

Letter Of Intent and Proof of Funds Required 

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